The Reasons Behind Our "Why"

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SeaMoss Gel

The SeaMoss gel has worked wonders for me and my family. Since the onset of the pandemic my family & I have been using this product and I have seen nothing but great results. I suffer with anemia and since I started using Seamoss my iron/blood levels have spike, and my energy has increased. My PCP was even amazed and recommended that I continue to take SeaMoss😁.
What I love most about the product is that it's natural & I can incorporate it in my food, tea, and smoothes; which makes it easy for my kids to intake as well.
I would definitely recommend this product, not only because of it's great benefits, but the customer service experience is top notch.

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Seamoss Gel & Seamoss Capsules

For well over a year now I've been using seamoss gel. When the pandemic hit, I began to use the gel more especially being around clients. It helped my immune system and my energy. I haven't had a cold since I implemented sea moss into my daily regimen.

When I travel, I use the capsules so I never miss my daily dose. I love the company's brand, customer service as well as turnaround time. Will definitely recommend.

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Seamoss Gel

Great customer service! I suffered with Iron deficiency. Taking the Seamoss helped raise my iron significantly. I would recommend.

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Nishauntra Caines


Great customer service! My body felt different almost immediately after taking my 1st dose. I thought it may have been just me psyching myself out but I actually notice a difference in the way I feel if I don't take it.

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Sea Miss Capsules

Been taking them for about a week now and I tell you they have done wonders! I was sick with strep and it happened to run across this product! They were very responsive with answering my questions and I received my product very quickly !!!! Love these pills and love the brand and what it stands for ! Thank you 😊

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Seamoss with tumeric, honey and Ginger

This product is amazing. I had a itcy and sour throat, took a couple tables spoons and after just a couple of days it was gone. I will definitely recommend and purchase this product again. Thank you!

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Sea Moss (Natural Flavor)

I have been taking sea moss for over a year now from THI. Being a nurse in the field, I was exposed first hand to covid on a daily basis. Being tested weekly, unbeknownst to me, I turned up positive. Completely asymptomatic, I had no clue. I increased my intake of sea moss from once a day, to twice a day. I'm very grateful for this product. Without that extra immune booster, who know how my body would have reacted to the virus. Will definitely continue to use this product.